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January 22, 2020 | Via Sky News

Father Charged with Sexual Abuse After Keeping Children Captive for 10 Years

A father held six of his nine children captive for nearly 10 years, telling them “bad spirits” would enter their bodies if they left the house, a court has heard. Gerrit-Jan Van Dorsten, 67, is charged with unlawful detention, child abuse, money laundering and sexual abuse after he and five adult children were found at an isolated farmhouse in Ruinerwold, in the northern Netherlands.

February 6, 2019 | Via AP News

Pope Publicly Acknowledges Clergy Sexual Abuse of Nuns

Pope Francis on Tuesday publicly acknowledged the scandal of priests and bishops sexually abusing nuns and vowed to do more to fight the problem, the latest sign that there is no end in sight to the Catholic Church’s abuse crisis — and that it now has a reckoning from the #MeToo movement. The acknowledgment comes just two weeks before he hosts an unprecedented gathering of bishops to craft a global response to the scandal of priestly predators who target children and the superiors who covered up the crimes.

October 26, 2018 | Via independent

Google CEO Addresses NYT Sexual Misconduct Report

Google CEO Sundar Pichai sent an email to employees on Thursday in response to a New York Times report which claimed Google protected executives from sexual misconduct allegations. Pichai revealed that 48 people were fired over the past two years for sexual harassment. Pichai highlighted new tools Google employees can use to report sexual harassment.

May 25, 2018 | Via CNN

Harvey Weinstein Expected to Turn Himself In on Sexual Misconduct Charges

Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein is expected to surrender to New York police on Friday following an investigation into sexual misconduct charges. Weinstein will face charges including accusations of rape and sexual assault. Weinstein denies engaging in non-consensual sex with anyone. The allegations against Weinstein prompted the beginning of the #MeToo movement.

January 10, 2019 | Via CBS News

Ashley Judd’s Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Harvey Weinstein Dismissed

A California judge on Wednesday dismissed a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Ashley Judd against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. The actress was suing Weinstein after “Lord of the Rings” director Peter Jackson said he didn’t cast her in his films when Weinstein called her a “nightmare” to work with after she turned him down when he propositioned her. Judge Philip Gutierrez wrote in his ruling Judd’s relationship as an actress with the film producer was not covered under the California statute Judd had sued under.

January 2, 2018 | Via BBC

Time’s Up: Sexual Harassment Initiatives Arise

A coalition of over 300 actresses, writers, and directors, launched the initiative “Time’s Up”, a ‘unified call for change from women in entertainment for women everywhere,’ following various sexual abuse accusations against film producer, Harvey Weinstein. Federal courts have also started an initiative of their own, to better protect court employees from sexual harassment.

January 23, 2018 | Via CNN

Pope Francis Apologizes to Sexual Abuse Victims

After defending Chilean Bishop Juan Barros regarding sexual abuse allegations, saying ‘There is not a single proof against him, everything is slander,’ Pope Francis apologized to victims. The pope said his comments were ‘a slap in the face,’ which he did not intend. The pope continued defending Barros, saying he’s ‘convinced that he’s innocent.’

May 24, 2019 | Via BBC

Harvey Weinstein ‘to Settle with Accusers for $44m’

Disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein and his former studio’s board members have reached a tentative deal with women who accuse him of sexual misconduct, US media report. Lawyers said the settlement to resolve civil lawsuits and compensate alleged victims was worth about $44m. Mr Weinstein denies sexually harassing or abusing over 75 women. He will stand trial in New York in June on criminal charges brought by two women, including rape. The 67-year-old is one of Hollywood’s most famous producers and has worked on a number of award-winning films, including Shakespeare in Love, The King’s Speech and The Artist.

March 7, 2019 | Via ABC News

Sen. Martha McSally Says She was Raped by a Senior Officer while in Air Force

Sen. Martha McSally, during an emotional congressional hearing on military sexual assault Wednesday, said a superior Air Force officer raped her. McSally, the nation’s first female fighter pilot to serve in combat, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that she was “preyed upon and raped by a superior officer.” “I also am a military sexual assault survivor, but unlike so many brave survivors, I didn’t report being sexually assaulted,” McSally said. McSally served in the Air Force for 26 years and mostly flew the A-10.

April 27, 2018 | Via CNN

Bill Cosby Convicted of Sexual Assault

Comedian Bill Cosby was convicted on three counts of sexual assault on Thursday in the first such verdict of the #MeToo era. Gloria Allred the lawyer for dozens of Cosby’s accusers reacted to the verdict saying, ‘women were finally believed.’ The 7-man and 5-woman jury took less than two days to reach the Cosby conviction.

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