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July 15, 2020 | Via Reuters

Toppled Slaver’s Statue Replaced by One of Black Protester in UK

A sculpture of a Black protester with her fist raised in the air has been erected in a stealthy night-time operation in place of a 17th Century English slave trader whose statue was toppled by anti-racism demonstrators in the port city of Bristol. Edward Colston, who made a fortune from trading in West African slaves, was pulled down and thrown in the harbor of the city in southwest England last month.

July 7, 2020 | Via Sky News

Dog Walker Charged After Accusing Black Man who was Bird Watching

A white woman who called the police on a black man while he was bird watching in New York has been charged by police. Amy Cooper is accused of falsely reporting an incident in the third degree, the district attorney of New York has said. It comes after Ms Cooper told police Christian Cooper was “threatening her life” during a dog walk in Central Park.

June 24, 2020 | Via CNN

FBI Says Bubba Wallace Not a Target of a Hate Crime

The FBI said Tuesday a noose found in the team garage of NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace at the Talladega Superspeedway has been there since last year and he, therefore, is not a victim of a hate crime. NASCAR, mentioning the FBI report, described the item as a “garage door pull rope fashioned like a noose.” Wallace had not publicly responded to the FBI’s finding as of early Tuesday night.

June 22, 2020 | Via AP News

Noose Found in Bubba Wallace Garage

NASCAR has launched an investigation after a noose was found in the garage stall of Bubba Wallace, the only Black driver in the elite Cup Series who just two weeks ago successfully pushed the stock car series to ban the Confederate flag at its venues. NASCAR said the noose was found on Sunday afternoon and vowed to do everything possible to find who was responsible and “eliminate them from the sport.”

June 11, 2020 | Via CBS News

Merriam-Webster to Redefine “Racism”

Merriam-Webster is revising its definition of racism after a Missouri woman’s emails claimed it fell short of including the systemic oppression of certain groups of people. “It’s not just disliking someone because of their race,” Mitchum wrote in a Facebook post. “This current fight we are in is evidence of that, lives are at stake because of the systems of oppression that go hand-in-hand with racism.”

July 15, 2019 | Via AP News

Leave the US, Trump Tells Liberal Congresswomen of Color

Starkly injecting race into his criticism of liberal Democrats, President Donald Trump said Sunday that four congresswomen of color should go back to the “broken and crime infested” countries they came from, ignoring the fact that all of the women are American citizens and three were born in the U.S. His attack drew a searing condemnation from Democrats who labeled the remarks racist and breathtakingly divisive.

July 13, 2018 | Via CNN

Emmett Till Case Reopened Almost After 63 Years

New information published in the 2017 book ‘The Blood of Emmett Till’ by Timothy Tyson prompted federal investigators to reopen the investigation into the 1955 lynching of Emmett Till in Missouri. Till was kidnapped and murdered at the age of 14 after being accused of making sexual advances toward a white woman.

April 18, 2018 | Via CNBC

Starbucks to Perform ‘Racial Bias’ Training After Philadelphia Arrests

Starbucks will shut down over 8,000 US stores for one day next month for ‘racial bias’ training to prevent discrimination. The development comes following the arrest of two black men in a Philadelphia store. Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said he learned ‘what we did wrong and the steps we need to take to fix it.’

July 16, 2019 | Via The Guardian

‘Do not Take the Bait’: Congresswomen Denounce Racist Trump Attack

Four Democratic congresswomen of color targeted by Donald Trump’s racist attacks have accused the US president of following an “agenda of white nationalists” and asked that Americans “do not take the bait” of his divisive rhetoric. In a joint press conference at the Capitol, the congresswomen spoke out after Trump said they should “go back” to the “crime infested” countries they came from, prompting condemnation in the US and across the world.

January 30, 2019 | Via CNN

‘Empire’ Star Jussie Smollett Attacked in Possible Hate Crime

“Empire” actor Jussie Smollett was attacked in the early morning hours on Tuesday in what Chicago police are calling a possible hate crime. Smollett was attacked by two people who were “yelling out racial and homophobic slurs” and “poured an unknown chemical substance on the victim,” police said. One of Smollett’s alleged attackers also put a rope around his neck, according to police. Both fled the scene.

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