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January 20, 2020 | Via BBC

Libya Civil War: World Leaders Committed to Peace, UN Chief Says

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said that major powers are “fully committed” to a peaceful resolution in Libya after a summit in Berlin. World leaders have pledged not to interfere in Libya’s ongoing civil conflict, and have vowed to uphold a UN arms embargo. The conflict pits powerful General Khalifa Haftar against the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA).

January 15, 2020 | Via The Guardian

2,000 Syrian Fighters Deployed to Libya to Support Government

Two thousand Syrian fighters have traveled from Turkey or will arrive imminently to fight on the battlefields of Libya, Syrian sources in all three countries have said, in an unprecedented development that threatens to further complicate the north African state’s intractable civil war. The deployment came after Turkey agreed last month to come to the aid of the Libyan prime minister, Fayez al-Sarraj.

January 9, 2020 | Via BBC

Libya conflict: Turkey and Russia Call for Ceasefire

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin have called for a ceasefire to end the conflict in Libya. The two leaders are seen to back rival sides in a conflict dragging in an increasing number of states. After talks in Istanbul, Mr Erdogan and Mr Putin said the ceasefire should come into force at midnight on Sunday.

July 3, 2019 | Via Reuters

At Least 44 Killed as Air Strike Hits Libya Migrant Detention Center

An air strike hit a detention center for mainly African migrants in a suburb of the Libyan capital Tripoli late on Tuesday, killing at least 44 people and wounding more than 130, the U.N. mission to Libya said. It was the highest publicly reported toll from an air strike or shelling since eastern forces under Khalifa Haftar launched a ground and aerial offensive three months ago to take Tripoli, the base of Libya’s internationally recognized government.

September 3, 2018 | Via Telegraph

Hundreds of Prisoners Escape Amid Libya Riots

Nearly 400 prisoners escaped from a jail near Tripoli, Libya on Sunday amid riots between militia groups. Guards were unable to prevent the escapes. Most detainees at the prison were convicted of common crimes or incarcerated for supporting former dictator Muammar Gaddafi. At least 39 people have been killed in the clashes since last Monday.

April 9, 2019 | Via CNN

Libya’s UN-backed Government Calls Airport Airstrike a ‘war crime’

Tripoli’s only working airport was targeted in an airstrike on Monday, as forces loyal to renegade Libyan general Khalifa Haftar continued their advance on the capital, ignoring international calls for a truce. Mitiga airport, in the eastern quarter of Tripoli, was shuttered after it was attacked by Haftar’s so-called Libyan National Army (LNA). Libya’s United Nations-backed government, the Government of National Accord (GNA), quickly condemned the aerial bombardment, calling it a war crime. Years of fighting among various militias in the war-torn country have reached a crescendo in recent days, as Haftar pushes to take control of the capital.

July 26, 2019 | Via Independent

Shipwreck Kills up to 150 People off the Coast of Libya

Up to 150 people have died in a large shipwreck off the coast of Libya, according to the UN’s refugee agency. A further 150 were rescued by coastguards and local fishers and are being returned to Libya, UNHCR added. A top UN official described the shipwreck as “the worst Mediterranean tragedy” so far this year. Libya is a hub for refugees, many of whom try to reach Europe in unseaworthy boats.

April 5, 2019 | Via Reuters

Eastern Libyan Commander Orders Forces to Move on Tripoli

After years of sabre-rattling, eastern Libyan commander Khalifa Haftar ordered his troops on Thursday to march on the capital Tripoli, escalating a conflict with the internationally recognized government. The offensive marked a dramatic escalation of a power struggle that has dragged on in Libya since the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. The capital is the ultimate prize for Haftar’s eastern parallel government. In 2014 he assembled former Gaddafi soldiers and in a three-year battle seized the main eastern city of Benghazi, then this year took the south with its oilfields.

May 3, 2018 | Via The Guardian

ISIS Attack on Libya Electoral Commission Kills a Dozen

Suicide bombers stormed Libya’s electoral commission in Tripoli on Wednesday, killing at least 12 and leaving 7 others wounded. The Libyan electoral commission director Emad al-Sayah said, ‘the choice and future of Libyans were targeted.’ The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, saying the dispatched two fighters to ‘target the apostate ballot stations.’

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