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November 19, 2020 | Via NBC News

Pompeo becomes First Secretary of State to Visit Israeli Settlement

America’s top diplomat Mike Pompeo made history Thursday becoming the first secretary of state and highest-ranking U.S. official to visit an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank. Pompeo’s trip, the latest blow to Palestinian hopes, comes after the Palestinian Authority announced Tuesday it will resume cooperation with Israel in what was seen as a sign of optimism after President-elect Joe Biden’s win.

November 18, 2020 | Via BBC

Israel Strikes ‘Iranian Military Sites’ in Syria

Israel’s military says it launched airstrikes against Iranian and Syrian military targets in Syria overnight, after explosive devices were found in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. The Syrian state news agency said the country’s air defenses had “confronted an Israeli aerial aggression” and downed a number of missiles. It reported that three Syrian soldiers were killed and another was injured.

September 24, 2020 | Via Sky News

Israel Heads into ‘Hermetic’ Lockdown

Israel’s government has voted to tighten a week-old national lockdown as figures reveal the extraordinary extent of the country’s coronavirus challenge. The country’s infection rate is by far the highest among known rates globally. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told ministers: “Over the past two days we have heard from the experts that if we do not take tough and immediate measures, we will reach the edge of the abyss.”

September 18, 2020 | Via Reuters

Israel Returns to Lockdown as COVID-19 Cases Mount

Israel entered a second nationwide lockdown on Friday at the onset of the Jewish high-holiday season, forcing residents to stay mostly at home amid a resurgence in new coronavirus cases. A lockdown was imposed in late March and eased in May as new cases tapered off, reaching single-digit lows, but in the past week, new cases have reached daily highs of more than 5,000.

September 14, 2020 | Via Sky News

Israel Imposes Second National Lockdown

Israel has become the first country in the world to announce a second national coronavirus lockdown. Responding to a soaring infection and death rate, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed the decision in a late night TV news conference. The lockdown will last for three weeks and will come into effect at 2pm on Friday – coinciding with a major Jewish holiday, Rosh Hashana.

August 31, 2020 | Via Reuters

Israeli, U.S. Officials Land in UAE on Historic Trip

Top aides to U.S. President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in the United Arab Emirates on a historic flight from Tel Aviv on Monday to finalize a pact marking open relations between the Gulf power and Israel. Even before discussions start in Abu Dhabi, the delegates made aviation history when the Israeli commercial airliner flew over Saudi territory on the direct flight from Tel Aviv to the UAE capital.

August 14, 2020 | Via CNN

Israel and the UAE Establish ‘Full Normalization of Relations’

Israel says it will ​temporarily “suspend​” plans to annex the West Bank, as part of a new peace deal with the United Arab Emirates. The deal was announced by US President Donald Trump, who told reporters in the Oval Office that he had a “very special call” with leaders from both countries, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, and that they had agreed to a peace agreement.

July 30, 2020 | Via Sky News

Israel’s PM Calls Art Exhibit Mocking him a ‘Shameful Threat of Crucifixion’

Israel’s prime minister has hit out at an art exhibition of him in Tel Aviv, branding it a “shameful threat of crucifixion”. It features a life-size statue of Benjamin Netanyahu enjoying a lavish meal by himself in a mock re-enactment of The Last Supper. Artist Itay Zalait said the exhibit in the city’s Rabin Square was meant to symbolize the “last supper of Israeli democracy”.

May 25, 2020 | Via NBC News

Netanyahu Stands Trial on Corruption Charges

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared before a Jerusalem court Sunday to hear the criminal charges leveled against him in what was an unprecedented scene in the history of Israel. Netanyahu, who was indicted on corruption charges in November, is the first sitting prime minister to be charged with a crime and to appear as a defendant in court.

April 21, 2020 | Via BBC

Israel’s Netanyahu and Gantz Sign Unity Government Deal

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his political rival, Benny Gantz, have signed an agreement to form an emergency unity government. The deal will see the pair rotating the leadership of the country, with Mr Netanyahu going first as PM. It brings political certainty to Israel after three inconclusive elections and a year of political paralysis.

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