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June 23, 2020 | Via AP News

Hajj will See at Most ‘Thousands’ Due to Virus

A Saudi official said Tuesday that the hajj pilgrimage, which usually draws up to 2.5 million Muslims from all over the world, will only see at the most a few thousand pilgrims next month due to concerns over the spread of the coronavirus. The kingdom’s Hajj Minister Muhammad Benten said a “small and very limited” number of people — even as low as just 1,000 from inside the kingdom — will be allowed to perform the pilgrimage.

June 23, 2020 | Via Fox News

Trump Signs Order Expanding Immigration Restrictions to Include H-1B

President Trump on Monday signed an executive order that significantly expands current immigration restrictions to include a number of guest-worker programs, including the H-1B visa — an order the administration says will put Americans first for jobs as the economy emerges from coronavirus lockdowns. Trump previously signed an order in April that restricted some green cards but held off from restricting guest-worker programs.

June 23, 2020 | Via Reuters

Germany Imposes Local Lockdown

The premier of the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia said on Tuesday he was putting the Guetersloh area back into lockdown until June 30 after a coronavirus outbreak at a meatpacking plant there. Guetersloh, with about 360,000 residents, is the first area in Germany to go back into lockdown after the authorities began gradually lifting restrictive measures at the end of April.

June 23, 2020 | Via Sky News

North Korea Ready to Float 12 Million Propaganda Leaflets into the South

North Korea has been urged to abandon plans to send 12 million propaganda leaflets to the South using balloons. North Korea has been urged to abandon plans to send 12 million propaganda leaflets to the South using balloons. South Korea has called on Pyongyang to suspend its plan, saying the leaflets “are not helpful to relations at all”.

June 23, 2020 | Via NBC News

WHO Reports Largest Single-Day Increase in Coronavirus Cases

The World Health Organization on Sunday reported the largest single-day increase in coronavirus cases by its count, at more than 183,000 new cases in the latest 24 hours. The UN health agency said Brazil led the way with 54,771 cases tallied and the U.S. next at 36,617. Over 15,400 came in in India. Experts said rising case counts can reflect multiple factors including more widespread testing as well as broader infection.

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