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March 13, 2020 | Via BBC

Judge Releases Chelsea Manning from Jail

Former US army intelligence analyst and Wikileaks source Chelsea Manning has been released from prison. Manning was remanded for refusing to testify in an inquiry into Wikileaks. She was scheduled to appear in court on Friday, but the judge ruled that it was no longer necessary for her to testify. Manning was found guilty in 2013 of charges including espionage for leaking secret military files to Wikileaks.

March 13, 2020 | Via Reuters

Canada’s Trudeau to be in Isolation After Wife Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be in isolation for two weeks after his wife, Sophie, tested positive for coronavirus on Thursday, and the outbreak prompted the province of Ontario to shutter schools to limit the spread. Sophie Gregoire Trudeau recently returned from London and experienced flu-like symptoms, so she was tested for the coronavirus, the prime minister’s office said earlier on Thursday.

March 13, 2020 | Via The Guardian

Migrants on Greek Islands to be Offered €2,000 to Go Home

Migrants on the Greek islands are to be offered €2,000 (£1,764) per person to go home under a voluntary scheme launched by the European Union in an attempt to ease desperate conditions in camps. The amount is more than five times the usual sum offered to migrants to help them rebuild their lives in their country of origin. The offer will last one month.

March 13, 2020 | Via NBC News

U.S. Launches Strikes on Group that Attacked Coalition Base in Iraq

The U.S. launched airstrikes on weapons storage facilities in Iraq in retaliation for a rocket attack that killed two U.S. service members and a British soldier, the Defense Department said Thursday. Fourteen other people were injured in the rocket attack Wednesday evening on Camp Taji, an Iraqi base north of Baghdad, the Pentagon said Thursday. Five were described as being in “urgent” condition.

March 13, 2020 | Via Sky News

Trump Says ‘Large Scale’ Testing will Take Place in US

Donald Trump has said coronavirus testing in the US will soon happen on a large scale as the country looks to slow the spread of COVID-19. It comes after the US, which has more than 1,700 confirmed cases of COVID-19, suspended all flights from mainland Europe to the US for 30 days. The president did not provide any further details on how large-scale testing would take place.

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