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February 4, 2019 | Via CNN

Trump Says Use of Military Force in Venezuela is Still on the Table

President Donald Trump said that the use of US military force in Venezuela is still on the table amid its ongoing political crisis and that he turned down a meeting with Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro several months ago. Last month, self-declared interim president of Venezuela Juan Guaido refused to rule out accepting US military support, saying that the Venezuelan people want to end Maduro’s dictatorship with “whatever pressure is necessary,” but cautioned that he hopes it doesn’t come to that.

February 4, 2019 | Via Reuters

Pope Arrives in UAE for Historic Gulf Visit, Condemns Yemen War

Pope Francis on Sunday became the first pontiff to set foot on the Arabian Peninsula, just hours after issuing his strongest condemnation yet of the war in Yemen, where his host the United Arab Emirates has a leading military role. Shortly before departing for Abu Dhabi, Pope Francis said he was following the humanitarian crisis in Yemen with great concern, using his regular Sunday address in Vatican City to urge all sides to implement a fragile peace deal and help deliver aid to millions of hungry people.

February 4, 2019 | Via CNN

Russia Follows US in Suspending INF Nuclear Missile Treaty

Russia has announced it is suspending participation in the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty — one day after the US declared it would pull out of the agreement unless Moscow complies with its terms within 180 days. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the move on Saturday, according to the Kremlin’s official website. Putin held a special meeting with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu following Friday’s decision by the US to suspend compliance with the INF treaty, a key pact with Russia that has been a centerpiece of European security since the Cold War.

February 4, 2019 | Via AP News

Outsider Romps to Victory in El Salvador Presidential Vote

A former mayor of El Salvador’s capital romped to victory in Sunday’s presidential election, winning more votes than his two closest rivals combined to end a quarter century of two-party dominance in the crime-plagued Central America nation. The Supreme Electoral Court declared Nayib Bukele the winner, saying he had nearly 54 percent of the votes, with nearly 90 percent of ballots counted. All four candidates promised to end corruption, stamp out gang violence and create more jobs, with crushing crime at the top of the agenda.

February 4, 2019 | Via Washington Post

Protesters Swarm Brooklyn Jail that Endured Polar Vortex with No Heat

For several days, crowds have gathered outside the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn to protest reports of freezing and dark conditions inside the jail after it partially lost power nearly a week ago. For almost a week, many of those inside the jail, which houses more than 1,600 inmates, had no heat, hot meals, hot water for showers or light in their cells, according to the New York Times, which first reported on the conditions. For security reasons, inmates were placed on lockdown Thursday — coinciding with a polar vortex that brought record-low temperatures to parts of the country.

February 4, 2019 | Via CBS News

New England Patriots win Super Bowl LIII 13-3

The New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 to become the champions of Super Bowl LIII. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady secured the sixth championship ring of his career, giving Boston its second major league championship in less than six months. Rams coach Sean McVay took responsibility for Los Angeles’ Super Bowl loss, saying “it was mostly a result of me doing a poor job calling the plays and not giving us a chance to win.”

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