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November 6, 2018 | Via NY Post

US Midterm Election Day Arrives

With US midterm elections to take place on Tuesday, Democrats hold a lead over Republicans in generic ballots among likely voters. President Trump encouraged Republican voters, calling the party’s energy ‘really incredible.’ Race-baiting allegations have been made leading up to the elections including a Trump television ad and automated calls in Florida and Georgia.

November 6, 2018 | Via CNN

Amba Boys Kidnap Students and Teacher in Cameroon

A headteacher and at least 78 students were kidnapped from their school in Cameroon on Monday. The kidnapping took place near Bamenda and was carried out by a group of armed men calling themselves Amba boys in reference to the state of Ambazonia. The kidnappers released a video and a search operation is underway.

November 6, 2018 | Via Daily Mail

Chinese President Promises to Open Economy

Chinese President Xi Jinping promised to ‘step up’ access to the country’s economy as the trade war with the US continues. Xi said China’s economy will ‘only become more and more open.’ The US previously accused China of unfair business and trade practices. Xi indirectly criticized President Trump saying, countries should ‘solve their own problems.’

November 6, 2018 | Via Independent

UK Pushes for End to Yemen Civil War

Britain believes there is a chance for the civil war in Yemen to end and is pushing for a new United Nations resolution. The Yemeni port city of Hodeidah was attacked with almost 100 airstrikes over the weekend. UK foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt said the UK will use ‘all its influence’ to push for an end.

November 6, 2018 | Via Reuters

Japan’s Child Suicide Rate Reaches 30-Year High

Japan’s education ministry reported that child suicides are at their highest point in over 30 years. Children reported concerns including worries about the future, bullying, and family problems. The latest survey showed that 250 children and teenagers took their lives between 2016 and 2017. Most suicides were committed by high school students.

November 6, 2018 | Via The Guardian

Ireland Stands Ground in Brexit Deal

Ireland told the UK government to ‘stand by its commitments’ in preventing a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic. Ireland asserted they will ‘never accept’ a Brexit deal allowing the UK end a Northern Ireland ‘backstop.’ UK Prime Minister Theresa May will face her cabinet to discuss this critical issue on Tuesday.

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