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August 1, 2018 | Via NBC News

North Korea Continues Making Missiles

US spy agencies obtained evidence indicating that North Korea is constructing new missiles at the factory which produced intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the US. The development was revealed following President Trump’s June summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. US officials say missile construction proceeds at the same pace as in previous months.

August 1, 2018 | Via ABC News

Facebook Discovers Political Influence Campaign Using Fake Accounts

Facebook announced on Tuesday it discovered a political influence campaign likely built to disrupt 2018 midterm elections. Facebook removed 32 pages and fake accounts that engaged in activity surrounding divisive social issues. Some tools used were similar to those used by the Kremlin-linked Internet Research Agency, but the campaign was not definitively connected to Russia.

August 1, 2018 | Via

Federal Judge Blocks Release of 3D Gun Blueprints

US District Court Judge Robert Lasnik granted a temporary restraining order on Tuesday night blocking the public availability of blueprints providing instructions for making plastic guns using 3D printers. Gun-rights activist Cody Wilson, who planned the Wednesday release, is fighting to post the blueprints, citing First Amendment rights.

August 1, 2018 | Via The Guardian

Mexico Plane Crash & Malaysia Civil Aviation Resignation

All 103 passengers and crew survived after an Aeromexico airliner scheduled to fly from Durango to Mexico City crashed shortly after takeoff. The crash will be officially investigated. The head of Malaysia’s civil aviation authority resigned on Tuesday following reports showing failures by Kuala Lumpur’s air traffic control center in the disappearance of flight MH370.

August 1, 2018 | Via NPR

Trump Administration Considering a Major Tax Cut

The Trump administration is considering a proposal to cut capital gain taxes, a big tax cut which would primarily benefit the wealthiest Americans. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has not decided whether to pursue the change which would potentially require bypassing Congress. Critics warn the cut would only add to the federal deficit.

August 1, 2018 | Via USA Today

Apple Reports Strong Earnings With Expensive IPhones

Silicon Valley giant Apple could become the first public company to be worth more than $1 trillion. The company reported another strong quarter on Tuesday, with consumers continuing to pay more for iPhones. Apple announced a $11.52 billion profit in its last quarter, up almost a third from the same period last year.

August 1, 2018 | Via Fox News

Paul Manafort Trial Underway

Paul Manafort’s trial, the first brought by special counsel Robert Mueller’s team, on financial fraud charges began on Tuesday with the defense deflecting blame to Manafort’s longtime consulting partner Rick Gates. The prosecution claimed Manafort lied to put his money ahead of the law.

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